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Modified headlights for Volkswagen Santana.

Today we are here to share a friend's modification experience, he modified his Volkswagen old Santana, this modification is still quite successful. Now let's take a look at his modification proces....

Modified LED headlights for Honda CRV.

Honda CRV Original Halogen lamp lights dark yellow, there is no lens, like a candle lamp, and the appearance does not look good, so whether from the aesthetic or light brightness, replaced by LED bulbs is definitely the right choice....

How to solve the LED car headlight grounding fault?

LED car bulbs are now very popular, a large part of the owners will accept the installation of LED bulbs. Today, many vehicles in the market are equipped with systems called Controller Area Network Bus (CANBUS)....

Why is the upgraded LED fog lamp penetrating in fog weather?

When the fog day, many people regret to have modified the LED bulb. Because of the modified fog lamp, the penetration force is worse, but is the truth really like this?

How to upgrade the red headlights to an LED light?

LED bulbs have more colors than halogen bulbs, white lamps are often used as headlights, yellow lamps are often used as fog lights, red lights are often used as brake lights, driving lights and rear fog lights. Now, some cars in the United States also use red lights to make steering lights....

Why do LED bulbs always burn out when they're in a Ford car?

Many light bulbs on the market have a similar appearance, but the price varies greatly because their quality also varies greatly. In the case of Cree XBD, the official sales price of each Cree LED chip is nearly 0.5 dollars, so an LED bulb has more than 10 CREE chips, the price must be greater than 5 U.S. dollars, please do not be surprise...

Today we're going to look at IP levels.

IP (or "Ingress Protection") ratings are defined in international standard EN 60529 (British BS EN 60529:1992, European IEC 60509:1989). They are used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies (tools, dirt etc) and moisture....

Another answer is about what CANBUS System is

When we change the light bulb for the car, sometimes there are error prompts and we are always bothered.

Why do people like LED car bulbs more and more

Why do people choose LED bulbs? Because LED bulbs provide brighter, higher quality, and more directional streams of light, they are safer, easier to install, more energy efficient, cooler, and prettier than traditional headlamps....

Why it's hard to change LED bulbs for Toyota cars.

Most vehicles will be programmed to meet certain conditions in order for the DRL system to actually turn on. The headlight switch must be set to AUTO, gear must be in DRIVE or not PARK, and there will usually be a sensor on the vehicle’s dashboard which detects light. Once the conditions are met, your vehicles system will immediately sup...

What's CANBUS System?

This is called HID Anti flicker capacitor or Warning Canceller (Capacitor). It is commonly found in high profile automobiles such as Mercedes, Audi, and BMW among others.

How to upgrade your turn signal to make your driving safer?

We offer LED turn signal bulbs in a several different sizes from an old style dual filament size like 1157 as well as the latest sizes like 7443(T20), and 3157(T25). They are also available in different chip sets so that you will have multiple options in light output; will even support a non-polarity feature....

How to choose the right LED bulb for your car?

1. Make sure you know the right bulb size you’re replacing before you buy it.
2.Before you buy an LED car light bulb, find out if your car needs a decoded or undecoded light.
3. Before you buy LED car light bulbs, make sure you know the laws of your area and don't buy bulbs that don't match the colors required by local laws.
4. W...

Product Recommendation--360 degree Emitting SAMSUNG chipset festoon LED bulb

Dome lighting is very common on sedans, coupes, sport utility vehicles and trucks as well as other commercial vehicles. Dome lighting provides light coverage for a majority of the cab or interior of the vehicle and usually have 1 lamp. Like map lights, dome lights will use an average 5W incandescent bulb. An aftermarket festoon LED can produce res...

One thing to note when using LED car lights.

LED or light-emitting diode differs widely from all the headlights mentioned when it comes to its lighting process. In LED headlight bulbs, negative electrons pass through holes in a semiconductor to generate light. When electrons enter a low-energy hole, there will be a release of photons.This method is called electroluminescence process that occur...

LED lights and halogen lamps which is better for the car?

While LED headlights have numerous advantages, there are a couple of drawbacks to consider. Generally, LEDs were accessible for extravagance vehicles with six-figure sticker prices. Additionally, LEDs required a cooling segment to shield the diode from melting because of the warmth created by the emitter. This happens on due to the electrical ba...

The extremely bright yellow LED fog light bulbs

The LED bulbs are made of aviation aluminum material. This makes it has good heat dissipation performance. Because the heat dissipation is better, the lifespan is also extended. Lifespan is more than 30,000 hours. Customers can use it more confidently....

What is the Brightest LED Headlight

How to find the brightest LED light bulb? To better understand the meaning of brightness, we need to learn two definitions.

Please buy the right LED light bulb

How to identify the quality of LED headlights? For example, how to select high quality H8 LED headlights? How to determine high quality H16 LED headlights? In fact, it is mainly about radiation and cooling, and the concentration and distribution of light....

To save your money, buy a high-quality LED light bulb

Some customers buy LED light bulbs from online shops to replace their original ones. These led bulbs are well priced. However, the customer encountered a problem within a short time after installation....


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  • What is an LED ‘switchback’ bulb?...

    An LED switchback(3030, PX, and EX series) bulb is like every other dual-filament LED bulb, but instead, support two filaments that have two different colors(Usually amber and white) for each filament rather than having the same color with two light intensities.  Our LED switchback bulbs will use white for the low intensity filament, and amber for turn signals. 

  • What is an error-free LED bulb?...

    An error free LED bulb is an LED lamp that is CAN bus-ready.  This means that the bulb is equipped with either resistors(3W-5W) to simulate a larger power draw, or have built-in decoders(LED headlights) to increase starting amperage both of which the vehicles computer system(CAN bus, BCM, etc.) should detect.  This will ensure that the computer system does not recognize the lamp is a fault or an open circuit due to the low power draw, and will prevent minor malfunctions such as a lamp out indicator and even other common malfunctions that a CAN bus or similar system may cause.

  • How do I check which LED bulb shoul...

    The bulb you choose should be based off the factory bulb and/or owners manual. You then need to consider the features/hardware of the LED bulbs to determine if they are a suitable replacement for the application you are upgrading. The last factor that will help determine the right LED bulbs is the color and light output. The owners manual and color of the lens should determine the correct color of the LED bulb.

  • How to find out if you have a replaceab...

    One of the most common problems that arises when replacing stock filament bulbs with LED bulbs in most vehicles is hyper flashing or bulb out warnings. For safety reasons most vehicles use either of these methods to tell the driver that a bulb somewhere on the car has burned out.

  • How does the car know that there is a b...

    There is a part in the vehicle that controls when to hyper flash or show a warning. It's called a flasher unit. Each vehicle's flasher unit is designed to monitor the electrical load that it is powering. This basically means that the flasher unit knows how much current your cars factory bulbs will draw when they're in use. It monitors the vehicle's left/right circuit or monitors all 4 bulbs independently.
    When one of the bulbs is burnt out, removed, or replaced with a lower wattage bulb/LED the flasher does its job and starts flashing at a faster pace on the side of the car that this has occurred.

  • How do you prevent the car from hyper f...

    The solution is to either replace the flasher unit in your vehicle or add enough load back onto the system to trick the electrical system into thinking that nothing has changed. Correcting hyper flash or bulb out warnings when you upgrade is relatively easy once you understand what needs to be done.

  • How do I know how bright these LED ...

    In the automotive industry, the brightness of an LED bulb is usually categorized by “luminous flux”(lumens) which is the unit of measurement of light that is visible to the human eye. You should review the lumen rating to determine the total visible light output of the LED lamp.

  • What is color temperature and how do I...

    Color temperature refers to the color of the light emitted from the lamps. The temperature of the light will determine the color of the light. The color temperature is measured in kelvins(K) and should be considered when trying to purchase a specific color of LED lamps.