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Audi A4 headlights modified LED headlights

According to statistics, 60% of the traffic accidents at night driving because the lights are too dark, the lights are too scattered, poor visibility caused by, there are modelvehicles equipped with xenon lamp dual-light lens vehicles at night traffic accidents reduced by 48%, night driving lights bright, driving vision is not fatigue, can effectively relie...

Nissan Bluebird upgrades into LED headlights

After the car used for a long time, the lights become darker and darker, it is difficult to illuminate the road, so it is necessary to upgrade the lights to make the lights more bright....

Change the whole lamp, or modify the LED bulb?

For many car owners who are about to upgrade their lights, they may face such a problem, that is, to replace a whole lamp or only an LED bulb. Now the basic on the market is also these two ways of change. So today we'll discuss the differences....

LED Headlights Fog Lights Installation

How to Convert your Halogen Headlights and Fog Light to LED Bulbs?

What kind of lamp upgrade is in line with the annual review standard?

Many car owners have the pursuit of their car lights, the upgrade of the lights is inevitable. Although there are times also did not make major modifications, but you do these modifications may not be in line with national regulations, so how do we modify and upgrade the lights?...

VOLVO XC90 added LED Festoon lights

Volvo XC90 did not install the atmosphere lamp front interior lighting dim, no motion, no outstanding highlights, grade a little low, but installed the atmosphere lights, the atmosphere inside the colorful, increase the vitality of the atmosphere, instantly upgrade the interior grade....

Why does water get into the headlights?

With the popularity of modified lights, we found that water will enter the headlights, headlights will be foggy.

The development course of automobile lamp modification

From the point of view of night driving safety, there are more and more car owners stepping into the field of modification, the modification of xenon headlights is already commonplace, and for the conversion of the lens, many netizens expressed great interest, today we say a headlight lens modification....

Refit shop hot behind the halogen lamp, xenon, LED lights you need to understand these

The lamp modification shop these two years is relatively hot, the change of the headlights is also changing with each passing day. Observe the current car manufacturers found that Mercedes-Benz Audi BMW three brands are to LED headlights and laser headlights development....

Upgrade LED headlights for the Mercedes 320

Upgrade LED headlights for the Mercedes-Benz, which is super bright. It's safe to drive at night.

Volkswagen Lavida has upgraded LED daytime lighting bulbs and LED turn signal light bulbs

Please look at the light modification case below. The Volkswagen Lavida with led light bulbs is a bright spot.

Use of modification methods for LED daytime running lights in automobiles

The daytime running lights is a new type of signal lamp, which is a lamp that makes it easier for a vehicle to be identified when driving during the day, and is installed in the front of the body....

Another answer to why cars should be converted into LED light bulbs

we all said that the lights are people's second eyes, lights do not light how to drive, the lights are too dark a little not good-looking.

Skoda Superb after successfully upgrading to LED lights

After the successful upgrade, the lights of the Skoda Superb became much brighter

Three points to note when upgrading LED light bulbs

Now everyone is still very crazy about the modified LED car lights, but the modified LED lights still have a lot of details to pay attention to, today I put forward three points here, I hope you can pay attention....

Honda Fit upgrade LED headlights and LED daytime running lights

After the upgrade, the far-light effect has a wide range, long range and high brightness, and the maximum four-lane irradiation range and the irradiation distance up to 200 meters can well illuminate the blind area in front and minimize the fatigue of driving at night....

Why did the Peugeot also upgrade to LED daytime running light and LED headlight

The following owner found that the original halogen car lights really not bright enough, the light is like two candles, driving at night without a little road effect, sometimes not as good as the two sides of the street lights shine. So he's always wanted to upgrade LED bulbs....

Retrofit LED daytime running light bulb for Volvo XC60

Under the conditions, why do everyone upgrade their LED lights for their cars? Because the original halogen lamp is too dark, it is too unsafe to drive at night. After being converted into LED lights, it greatly increases safety when driving at night....

Upgrade LED headlights for Chevrolet Cruze

Cruze with a dynamic fashion appearance, attracting many young consumers love.The only thing I am not satisfied with is the headlights of the original car. The headlights of the original car halogen light source have low brightness at night. Especially when traveling at night, I often cannot see the road ahead clearly.So we had to upgrade the lights a...

LED lights are more suitable for your car than xenon lights

How to choose the right LED car light bulb? It can meet the needs of night safety lighting without affecting other drivers and annual inspection problems. The price is also affordable! One said that the lights are known to Xenon lights and LED lights. After the modification of the lights, the effect is good, but it refers to the addition of lense...


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  • What is an LED ‘switchback’ bulb?...

    An LED switchback(3030, PX, and EX series) bulb is like every other dual-filament LED bulb, but instead, support two filaments that have two different colors(Usually amber and white) for each filament rather than having the same color with two light intensities.  Our LED switchback bulbs will use white for the low intensity filament, and amber for turn signals. 

  • What is an error-free LED bulb?...

    An error free LED bulb is an LED lamp that is CAN bus-ready.  This means that the bulb is equipped with either resistors(3W-5W) to simulate a larger power draw, or have built-in decoders(LED headlights) to increase starting amperage both of which the vehicles computer system(CAN bus, BCM, etc.) should detect.  This will ensure that the computer system does not recognize the lamp is a fault or an open circuit due to the low power draw, and will prevent minor malfunctions such as a lamp out indicator and even other common malfunctions that a CAN bus or similar system may cause.

  • How do I check which LED bulb shoul...

    The bulb you choose should be based off the factory bulb and/or owners manual. You then need to consider the features/hardware of the LED bulbs to determine if they are a suitable replacement for the application you are upgrading. The last factor that will help determine the right LED bulbs is the color and light output. The owners manual and color of the lens should determine the correct color of the LED bulb.

  • How to find out if you have a replaceab...

    One of the most common problems that arises when replacing stock filament bulbs with LED bulbs in most vehicles is hyper flashing or bulb out warnings. For safety reasons most vehicles use either of these methods to tell the driver that a bulb somewhere on the car has burned out.

  • How does the car know that there is a b...

    There is a part in the vehicle that controls when to hyper flash or show a warning. It's called a flasher unit. Each vehicle's flasher unit is designed to monitor the electrical load that it is powering. This basically means that the flasher unit knows how much current your cars factory bulbs will draw when they're in use. It monitors the vehicle's left/right circuit or monitors all 4 bulbs independently.
    When one of the bulbs is burnt out, removed, or replaced with a lower wattage bulb/LED the flasher does its job and starts flashing at a faster pace on the side of the car that this has occurred.

  • How do you prevent the car from hyper f...

    The solution is to either replace the flasher unit in your vehicle or add enough load back onto the system to trick the electrical system into thinking that nothing has changed. Correcting hyper flash or bulb out warnings when you upgrade is relatively easy once you understand what needs to be done.

  • How do I know how bright these LED ...

    In the automotive industry, the brightness of an LED bulb is usually categorized by “luminous flux”(lumens) which is the unit of measurement of light that is visible to the human eye. You should review the lumen rating to determine the total visible light output of the LED lamp.

  • What is color temperature and how do I...

    Color temperature refers to the color of the light emitted from the lamps. The temperature of the light will determine the color of the light. The color temperature is measured in kelvins(K) and should be considered when trying to purchase a specific color of LED lamps.