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Another answer is about what CANBUS System is

Time: 2019-03-13

    When we change the light bulb for the car, sometimes there are error prompts and we are always bothered.

    In fact, this is a regular procedure for European cars, including on-board computers (also known as OBC). If you look at the short video above BMW startup and flashing lights, you'll find it lasts only 1-2 seconds before normal operation. During these few seconds of banging, the car computer emits electrical impulses to all the headlights to make sure they work properly and do not burn out. If a light bulb does not pass the OBC check, the electrical pulse will not pass, OBC will show the error, tell you which light bulb is broken.

    The reason for your LED bulb Strobe is because the LED chip is very sensitive to the power supply. A small amount of energy is enough to light the LED chip in the LED bulb, so when you start the car, the electrical pulse emitted is enough to drive the LED bulb, resulting in a strobe effect. Although incandescent bulbs are not, this small amount of energy does not make it light up.

    Flashing phenomena are common in newly installed LED bulbs, so don't worry.