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Another answer to why cars should be converted into LED light bulbs

Time: 2019-08-02

    First, the original lights are not bright enough, driving at night is very insecure and dangerous, modified LED lights will be brighter, driving more safely.

    Second, the original lights look very monotonous, also not good-looking, modified more cool, more personality.

    Third: LED bulb VS Halogen bulb

             1. Brightness, traditional halogen lamp headlamp bulb for 55W, only about 800 lumen situ brightness, and LED headlight s2-40W power can produce 3000-4000 lumen value, brightness increased three times.

             2. Energy saving, and tungsten filament lamp, can save half of the electricity, air conditioning, GPS car phone, etc. need to consume electricity, and the car's headlights consume the most power, can save half of the electricity, the advantages are obvious.

             3, long life, because of the lack of filaments, no traditional lamp fragile defects, LED life has been extended by 60 times, headlights can be used 30,000 hours.


    Fourth, the headlights before and after the comparison, we all said that the lights are people's second eyes, lights do not light how to drive, the lights are too dark a little not good-looking.