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Development status of LED car bulbs LED headlight bulbs

Time: 2019-05-20

    Now there are more and more cars, the factory is equipped with the latest LED headlights, LED headlights feature compared to traditional halogen lamps, has a better lighting effect, but also a more comfortable, relaxed color temperature, coupled with better light type, help to improve the safety of night driving. However, due to the high cost, it is still not fully popularized.

    Is the LED an exclusive configuration that belongs only to high-matching models? Not really! For some vehicles that are not equipped with LED headlights, in addition to the cost of upgrading the original LED light group, in fact, there are LED exchange bulbs can be selected.

    Advantages of LED light sources

    The lighting development of automotive lamps, from the beginning of the traditional halogen headlights to later HID xenon headlights, and even in recent years has become the mainstream of the market LED headlights, through the continuous progress of science and technology, lighting brightness, light range and service life have been greatly improved.And with the shrinkage of the luminescent lamp body, it also contributes to the overall design of the vehicle.

    In recent years LED light source from the original passive Warning alert function (such as the application of brake lights, taillights, positioning wide lamps and decorative light source, etc.), LED began to be used in lighting systems, but because the current LED headlights have not been widely popularized, associated with the high prices, so only listed as high-end models, The exclusive configuration of the high matching car. Therefore, most low-matching vehicles are still using traditional halogen headlights, traditional halogen bulbs due to the use of tungsten wire electrification to produce brightness, although the cost is low, but there are often some problems, such as insufficient brightness, light type, short life, light body easy to heat and so on.