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What is the Brightest LED Headlight

How to find the brightest LED light bulb? To better understand the meaning of brightness, we need to learn two definitions.

Please buy the right LED light bulb

How to identify the quality of LED headlights? For example, how to select high quality H8 LED headlights? How to determine high quality H16 LED headlights? In fact, it is mainly about radiation and cooling, and the concentration and distribution of light....

To save your money, buy a high-quality LED light bulb

Some customers buy LED light bulbs from online shops to replace their original ones. These led bulbs are well priced. However, the customer encountered a problem within a short time after installation....

Cooling requirements for LED headlights

The power density of modern LEDs makes it possible to use this type of lighting in car headlights. But like any other electronic device, it needs to work at a certain temperature range....

Various applications of LED headlights

An LED is a transistor immersed in a thin film that glows when an electric current is applied. Why are LED lights so energy efficient? The lack of filament also makes leds burn at lower temperatures than incandescent bulbs, which generate more light per watt of electricity....

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  • How to find out if you have a replaceab...

    One of the most common problems that arises when replacing stock filament bulbs with LED bulbs in most vehicles is hyper flashing or bulb out warnings. For safety reasons most vehicles use either of these methods to tell the driver that a bulb somewhere on the car has burned out.

  • How does the car know that there is a b...

    There is a part in the vehicle that controls when to hyper flash or show a warning. It's called a flasher unit. Each vehicle's flasher unit is designed to monitor the electrical load that it is powering. This basically means that the flasher unit knows how much current your cars factory bulbs will draw when they're in use. It monitors the vehicle's left/right circuit or monitors all 4 bulbs independently.
    When one of the bulbs is burnt out, removed, or replaced with a lower wattage bulb/LED the flasher does its job and starts flashing at a faster pace on the side of the car that this has occurred.

  • How do you prevent the car from hyper f...

    The solution is to either replace the flasher unit in your vehicle or add enough load back onto the system to trick the electrical system into thinking that nothing has changed. Correcting hyper flash or bulb out warnings when you upgrade is relatively easy once you understand what needs to be done.

  • How do I know how bright these LED ...

    In the automotive industry, the brightness of an LED bulb is usually categorized by “luminous flux”(lumens) which is the unit of measurement of light that is visible to the human eye. You should review the lumen rating to determine the total visible light output of the LED lamp.

  • What is color temperature and how do I...

    Color temperature refers to the color of the light emitted from the lamps. The temperature of the light will determine the color of the light. The color temperature is measured in kelvins(K) and should be considered when trying to purchase a specific color of LED lamps.

  • What is a dual-filament bulb?...

    A dual-filament bulb is a lamp that supports to levels of light intensities; low and high intensity. A good example will be a tail and brake light setup. Tail light is the low intensity filament and brake light would be the high intensity filament.

  • What bulb size should I use?...

    The bulb size that should be used depends on the original bulb installed, or what the vehicle’s owner’s manual indicates for the application you are working on. Most cases, you can easily identify the bulb size by simply consulting the owners manual. You may also compare the factory bulb to our product to determine if it is suitable replacement size.

  • Why is my turn signal flashing faster t...

    This is a very common malfunction with turn signal applications when upgrading to LED. The issue is known as “hyper-flashing”. Hyper-flashing occurs when the flasher relay(controls rate of flashing on the turn signals) cannot detect the power going to the turn signal. Since LED bulbs are more efficient, there is a substantial decrease in power draw. A load resistor should be installed on to the lead(turn signal) and ground wires. Load resistors will simulate a power draw that resembles your factory halogen bulbs(20W-27W) to normalize the rate of flashing with your LED bulbs. Another option, if possible, is to upgrade the factory flasher relay module with an electronic LED flasher relay which will work with a low power draw. Factory equipped ‘thermal flasher relays’ cannot be upgraded so the proper load should be applied to the sockets using resistors.