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How to correctly modify the lights for your car?

Time: 2019-07-01

Light modification in 2019 today has been very popular, many cars are using LED headlights and even laser headlights, and standard or halogen lamps. Owners generally prefer to choose to replace xenon bulbs or LED bulbs directly, with prices ranging from 100 to several hundred. After changing the light bulb, but feel no halogen lamp spotlight, brightness is not as good as imagined, what is going on?

The original car's reflective bowl and halogen lamp lens are supporting halogen lamp production, light focus and halogen lamp match, the resulting tangent lighting also gathered without dispersal. Direct replacement of other xenon or LED bulbs because of the shape is different, the light-emitting focus is completely different, so the light is scattered and dark shadow and blind area, some cars changed after not as halogen lamp! But outside the car, the opposite driver is particularly harsh. The driving experience has not improved, but has created a great safety hazard, and most night-time traffic accidents are caused by lights. All the night cars know, by the opposite light lights dazzling, the car in front of the obstacles or people can not see clearly, traffic accidents often happen.

The purpose of changing the lights is to follow the road, which is also the most basic role of the lights, the essential tool at night. There are many shadows under the trees in the city at night, and the uncovered well covers are blind spots. And many people more electric car is more prone to cross the road or suddenly change lanes, halogen lamp brightness is not bright enough color is also very yellow seriously affect our judgment ability. High-speed and long-distance light on the view distance halogen lamp is very limited, irradiated width and brightness is not high driving is high tension is easy to tired, there are situations in the case of high-speed driving also emergency response is not timely, so driving where to come from what comfortable safety feeling. The lights are modified to increase the brightness of the illumination, to shine wider and to look more comfortable further afield. Xenon and LED light dual-light lenses are whiter and brighter than halogen lamps, paving the road effect is easy to see on the ground and obstacles hundreds of meters away, making early judgments greatly improves the safety of driving at night.

There are also many misconceptions about the lamp modification configuration:

1, the original car without a lens, far and near light H4 halogen lamp models or far-to-near light separate. This kind of car is reflective bowl structure directreplacement xenon lamp or LED bulb will be very dazzling light, not only their car can not see the road clearly, but also seriously affect the car, will also be checked by traffic police! Therefore, this kind of car upgrade lights must be equipped with lenses, legal modification to solve the lighting problem.

2, the original car near-light with single-light lens models, this kind of car because with a lot of lens friends on the simple change of light bulbs, this kind of car effect is not only not obvious lift is not obvious but also will produce axephoto problems, because its light source and halogen lamp focus is not the same so hit the road there are many spots and dark shadow. This kind of car is a better solution is to install a dual-light lens in the near-light position to replace the original car single light, after the upgrade of the light into two into four far. Far and near light are more than several times the width, brightness, range of increase. Suitable for all kinds of weather, overtaking flashlights also have no delay!

3, the original car comes with a double-light lens halogen lamp, manufacturers in order to save costs and headlight space to design the lamp for the near-light one halogen lamp lens, the car itself is weaker than the reflective bowl style. Because it is a halogen lamp focus design lens, directly installed xenon lamp or LED bulb will also produce astigmatain, cut blurring ground spot and dark shadow is relatively large.

The lamp is the eye of the car, can not be casually modified to harm others. Replacing xenon bulbs or LED bulbs without a lens is not only not responsible for their own safety, but also an injury to others. Reasonable and legal upgrade not only does not affect the annual review of light detection, but also allows themselves to drive at night to obtain a better line of view, farther and wider lights will give themselves more emergency response time. No matter what the car is modified, when it comes to safety, you need to choose a professional remodeling shop carefully.