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How to legally modify car lights?

Time: 2019-06-28

     Car lights like the eyes of people directly related to driving safety, many car friends will be their car lighting modification in order to pursue better lighting effect, let themselves see more clearly at night farther, or just for the lights to look cooler! However, do not know if the wrong method may get the exact opposite effect of impact on security, there are security risks!

     The modification of dual-change lens xenon lamp, LED or laser light source change lamp scheme many original vehicles to install dual-light lens xenon lamp or LED laser headlight lens is now the most mature, but also the most installed program. Because the color temperature of xenon lamps and LED lasers is higher to give a very bright visual feel. To install xenon or LED lights must be used with a dual-light lens, which acts like a magnifying glass to gather the beam and then concentrate it. Xenon lamp and LED lamp itself light is very scattered need strains to polymerize, otherwise after replacement but not as concentrated light as the original car halogen lamp, without a lens will cause uneven light-type divergence brightness, shake to the car and pedestrians and in the car can obviously feel inadequate. So xenon or LED lamps must be paired with corresponding lenses to get better lighting effects!

      The color temperature of xenon lamps and LEDs is not higher, the better, because the higher the penetration, the worse the brightness decreases. According to the study, the color temperature of 5000K-5800K is the brightest color segment, and penetration is also very good in bad weather also has a very good performance. It is recommended that the maximum replacement should not exceed 6500K, as the annual light detection color segment is also 6500K and below can be detected.

     Wrong Way 1: Change the light bulb directly to the high-power bulb. In addition to trucks, the general vehicles are 12V power standard 55W power road light bulbs, color temperature generally around 3500K lighting compared to the yellow night lighting effect is not very good. Because halogen lamps are not bright, the range, width and range are not very large. The first thing a lot of car buyers buy is to change 100W or even 120W high-power bulbs. After the replacement can really make the light a little brighter, and simple and convenient without removing the lights themselves can be replaced this way more popular with the car. But such a modification method has a very large security risk, because the original car design lamp line load limit standard is 55W, after changing the high-power bulb halogen lamp heat is very large, the time is not long will cause the lamp cover fuzzy aging, lamp bowl melting and other problems lead to the headlight scrap products a large replacement cost. The second high-power bulb over the line load will cause the connector, harness and insurance box serious heat, long-term opening may cause the car to spontaneously ignite, so it is not recommended that the car personnel directly replace the high-power bulb.

     Wrong Way 2: Add additional spotlights, bar lights, headlights. In addition to the original car to change lights many like self-driving car friends are also keen to install spotlights, bar lights in the top of the car, front bar position, such as lighting group. Such modifications are actually very unreasonable, because the installation of redundant light sets not only produce wind noise but also this kind of light group lights are very diffuse serious interference to the vehicle, bright light will cause transient blindness can easily cause vehicle accidents. It is understood that the national traffic police are not allowed to install spotlight lighting components, after being investigated will require restoration and fines. Please don't install extra lights for yourself and your family!

     Vehicle light brightness country has relevant regulations, first of all, color temperature to be less than 6500K can be detected by equipment. The brightness of the second one-sided lamp needs to be greater than or equal to 15000cd, the brightness of the two sides adds up to no more than 430,000cd, and the third cannot pretend to be an additional spotlight and decorative daylights. As long as these conditions are met on no problem, Calais Lighting remind car friends civilized with lights, do not abuse the long light to refuse light pollution!