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How to solve the LED car headlight grounding fault?

Time: 2019-04-10

    LED car bulbs are now very popular, a large part of the owners will accept the installation of LED bulbs. Today, many vehicles in the market are equipped with systems called Controller Area Network Bus (CANBUS).

    Makes it difficult to retrofit LED car bulbs. First, if you encounter a power problem with a low/light beam LED replacement device (H13), you need to check the connection first to make sure that the pins are in good contact with the slot. To resolve this issue, you want to compare the male and female ends of the connection. On the female connector, a total of 3 slots are available for pin insertion. There are 3 other slots, and we've seen some factory H13 connectors. We learned that if you insert the pin into an incorrect slot, a power failure or failure may occur. You want to make sure that the pins are aligned correctly to ensure that the bulbs are lit.

    If one of the pins shuts down slightly, it may cause the LED headlights to display the symptoms of the failure.

    After you have resolved the power failure, then consider the next step. With newer Ford trucks, fog lamps and high beams have a similar feature, how low beams are closed when sorghum is engaged. Like any other double filament headlight bulb, if you have a low beam and with your sorghum, it automatically cuts off power to your low beam and closes them. Ford used similar settings on fog lamp applications and high beams. If you touch the sorghum, it will automatically turn off the fog light. With LED headlights, this can cause grounding problems that enable LED headlights to get a rear source on the circuit.

    The factory bulb does not experience this problem because it is a standard filament (halogen) bulb without a grounding circuit board. Headlights with grounding circuit boards need to be selected to ensure high efficiency and maximum performance. The fog lights of the Ford F series truck are configured to the ground from where the headlights come from. When the sorghum enters the fog lamp, it transports 12V + (DC) to the fog lamp floor, causing the fog lamp to appear 0V (DC). This will trigger the fog lamp to close when the sorghum is activated.

    Since Ford has this wiring setting, it will cause your fog lamp to return the ground circuit and make your sorghum open. To resolve this issue, you must isolate the grounding circuit on the fog lamp. In other words, modifications must be made to keep your fog lights open when the sorghum enters. This prevents the feedback source created when the LED headlight (H13) is installed. To isolate your ground on the Fog light app, you should consult the vehicle's owner's manual or visit your local dealer. You can also have a trained professional, mechanic or electrician to help you modify the circuit so that your LED headlights work properly.