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How to upgrade the red headlights to an LED light?

Time: 2019-03-28

    LED bulbs have more colors than halogen bulbs, white lamps are often used as headlights, yellow lamps are often used as fog lights, red lights are often used as brake lights, driving lights and rear fog lights. Now, some cars in the United States also use red lights to make steering lights.

    The red light on the car is basically made up of ordinary halogen bulbs coupled with red lampshades. Few red lights are made up of red halogen bulbs with transparent lampshades.Then we experimented on the red lampshade to verify that the LED bulb could replace the original halogen bulb.We conducted the following groups of experiments.

    (1)3000K LED Bulb VS Standard Halogen Bulb in a red cover.

    (2)5500K LED Bulb in a red cover VS Standard Halogen Bulb in a red cover.

    Conclusion: 3000K LED bulbs can replace standard halogen bulbs for red steering lampshades with the same color as red LEDS. But if your car's brake light or rear fog lamp lampshade is transparent, you still need to use a red LED or red halogen bulb. 7000K LED bulbs are much brighter than halogen bulbs.