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LED lights are more suitable for your car than xenon lights

Time: 2019-07-08

    How to choose the right LED car light bulb? It can meet the needs of night safety lighting without affecting other drivers and annual inspection problems. The price is also affordable! One said that the lights are known to Xenon lights and LED lights. After the modification of the lights, the effect is good, but it refers to the addition of lenses. Many riders directly replaced the original car's halogen lamp with xenon or LED headlights, and the lens-equipped car was fine. The nighttime lighting glare of the riders without lenses is simply useless. At night, they are often bullied by the "Large Dog"! This type of astigmatism vehicle will not only be caught by the traffic police, but most of the vehicles will not pass.

    General modification and upgrade Xenon headlights with dual-lens lens and LED headlight dual-lens lens. These two kinds of lighting modification methods can basically meet the current night driving needs of various road conditions. The annual inspection lamp detection is no problem, the price is also In an acceptable range. In the end, who is better to choose, let us look at the characteristics of xenon headlights and LED headlights.

    Xenon headlights are a type of car-level lighting system that comes out behind halogen lamps. Its brightness is quite high. Many older models are equipped with the factory. Because the design is different from the halogen lamp, it is a matching lens for production and assembly. Therefore, other halogen lamp vehicles are more troublesome in the later modification of the xenon headlight lens. Generally, the entire headlight assembly needs to be disassembled for installation. Xenon lamps also require the addition of a ballast (also called a rectifier) because it is illuminated by a high-pressure gas. Therefore, the xenon lamp starts with some delay and cannot be strobed during the day. After the Xenon lamp is equipped with a lens, the range and brightness of the high beam are very high, which is the nightmare of all "Large Dogs". The disadvantage is that the paving effect is worse in the case of water or fog, and the light decays faster.

    LED headlights are now the mainstream lighting modification program, and he has all the advantages of xenon lamps. Ultra-high brightness, long life, and instant start without delay are all features. Many riders like to install without damage, that is, the original car halogen bulb is directly removed and replaced with the LED bulb, which is simple, but due to the halogen lamp and LED bulb structure, the illumination focus is not the same. Therefore, many cars feel that the lights are really white after installation, but the people do not follow the road and do not collect light, the lighting effect is not good, especially after a little rain, it is completely invisible.

    In fact, this causes: LED lights are light beams generated by light-emitting diodes, and their lights need to be polymerized in corresponding reflective bowls. LED lights that are not concentrated are not as good as halogen lamps. LED design lenses have the characteristics of halogen and xenon lamps. High brightness, strong durability and better paving feel. The illuminated environment of the illuminated environment is close to 100%, and the visual effect is better. LED headlights with sufficient brightness can have better lighting effects in rain, snow and fog. The disadvantage is that LED headlights with lenses are more expensive.

    For some low-budget riders or older models, you can consider the xenon lamp + lens combination, its cost-effective lighting effect is not inferior to the LED lens. For many new cars or riders who want to experience newer technology, LED headlight lenses can be considered; their clearer visual feedback is believed to give riders a good driving experience at night.