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Modified headlights for Volkswagen Santana.

Time: 2019-04-22

    Today we are here to share a friend's modification experience, he modified his Volkswagen old Santana, this modification is still quite successful. Now let's take a look at his modification proces.

    He found that the headlights of his car were yellow and not bright enough, especially when driving on the mountain road and on the road without street lights, it was difficult to see the road, which was dangerous for driving, so he decided to retrofit and upgrade his car headlights and turn lights.

    As his Volkswagen Santana car was older and it was difficult to find the same headlights on the market, he used Cadillac Wood's headlights because the two headlights were about the same size. He used the frame of the wood car headlights, and then purchased glass lenses, LED bulbs and steering lights online, and began to work.

This is the frame of the Cadillac Wood headlights.

This is the purchase of the lampshade.

This is the shelf he welded himself.

The headlights are adjustable and mounted on the light frame.

In order to install the lens, a portion of the lamp shell needs to be cut off.

Since one turn signal is too short, connect the two.

This is what the connection looks like.

Installed lampshade.

The next step is to install the len.

Adjust the lens tangent to the dimmer plate.

This is what the whole headlamp looks like when it's installed.

Wrap the foil to prevent leakage.

The headlights have been installed on the car.

The place where the turn signal was installed is now changed to fog light.

This is what a low beam looks like.

This is what a high beam looks like.

A modified look.