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One thing to note when using LED car lights.

Time: 2019-02-14

    The automotive industry has evolved a lot, that's for sure. Along with it, headlamps have reached another level and, after carmakers closely analyzed the way halogen or HID lights influence their models, turn to another option: LEDs. At least on paper, LEDs seem to be the solution for mass-produced cars but there are also several setbacks that could change the world's perspective over this type of technology.

    LED or light-emitting diode differs widely from all the headlights mentioned when it comes to its lighting process. In LED headlight bulbs, negative electrons pass through holes in a semiconductor to generate light. When electrons enter a low-energy hole, there will be a release of photons.This method is called electroluminescence process that occurs at a frequency of a thousand times per second.

    The light emitted by LED headlights has an improved quality generate a color temperature of about 6,000 ° K which falls at the blue side of the scale. This makes them warmer than the 4,000 ° K produced by xenon lights. Blue headlights are brighter and offer more contrast to drivers making it effortless to distinguish objects in the dark. These lights improve one’s driving experience while being less obstructing for other road users. Blue LED headlights are also ideal for foggy or conditions offering poor visibility thus offering drivers with more reaction time and improving their road safety.