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Owner replace LED lights for Lexus cars by himself

Time: 2019-05-31

The owner of this car actually wanted to upgrade the headlights very early on, the original halogen lamp has not even passed the annual inspection. Luckily, he has long been aiming for an LED headlight upgrade headlights, specifically for the original replacement of halogen lamps. Our LED headlights nondestructive installation, bright white lights, instantly lit without delay, is very careful to save time and save a car lamp. This is a DIY replacement LED upgrade headlights, the following is the owner to share the DIY installation process.

Lexus Original car halogen lighting, probably also because of the long time for the reason, Gray, annual inspection But the reason is that the original headlights are really not bright enough.

Owner said our car lamp upgrade is really very simple, the whole process down also took 10 minutes, their own DIY is completely no problem. After replacing the headlights, the Lexus annual inspection was successfully passed.