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Please buy the right LED light bulb

Time: 2018-10-22

How to identify the quality of LED headlights? For example, how to select high quality H8 LED headlights? How to determine high quality H16 LED headlights? In fact, it is mainly about radiation and cooling, and the concentration and distribution of light.

If the heat dissipation is not good, the service life of H8 LED headlamp bulb will be shortened, and the power and luminous efficiency of the bulb will be affected, leading to a reduction in output luminous flux.If there is a problem with the spotlights, in addition to affecting the efficiency of lighting, there will be discomfort glare, interference to other drivers, resulting in traffic accidents.

In terms of heat dissipation, there are two types of LED headlamp bulbs on the market, fan and metal braid.However, the fan increases energy consumption and creates noise, and the life of the fan in the chamber determines the life of the bulb.But the temperature inside the bulb is so high that it always affects the service life of the fan.LED bulbs with heat dissipation through metal braid can also achieve general effects, with the working temperature of LED being mostly as high as 110-120 degrees.Actually two kinds of heat dissipation method effect is similar, everybody can be at ease to use.

For the light concentration problem, the performance of the condenser of a light bulb with large luminous area (such as COB) is always poor.The performance of the condenser will be better if the LED lamp is similar to the original automobile halogen light source.

At present, the power, flow and service life of false signs are common in the LED light market, so buyers should be more careful when choosing LED lights.According to LED lighting technology, H16 LED headlamp power 20-30w, luminous flux 2000-3000l m, service life 5-10 years is more suitable and more reasonable.