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Refit shop hot behind the halogen lamp, xenon, LED lights you need to understand these

Time: 2019-08-16

    The lamp modification shop these two years is relatively hot, the change of the headlights is also changing with each passing day. Observe the current car manufacturers found that Mercedes-Benz Audi BMW three brands are to LED headlights and laser headlights development. Many car friends because of the purchase of cars did not pay attention to this aspect of the choice of standard configuration, the original car halogen lamp is not satisfied, in order to pursue brightness, safety or purely in order to be more cool and their own transformation. In fact, the headlights and eyes are as closely related to driving safety, there is a lot of knowledge, if the change is not good will be counterproductive to affect normal driving.

    Many car standard halogen lamp, tungsten halogen bulb, quartz bulb, is a kind of change in incandescent lamp, the average life of more than 500 hours, car standard power is generally 55W; The original car halogen lamp model may not be directly replaced with LED bulb or xenon lamp, because halogen lamp and light-emitting focus and LED, xenon is completely different, direct replacement of the bulb may lead to light dispersion, harsh exposure effect is worse!

    A better option would certainly be to choose a combination of xenon lamps and concentrated dual-light lenses, or LED headlights and laser headlight lenses. Xenon lamp life of more than 3000 hours, is 6 times the general halogen lamp, lower power more energy-saving conventional 35W; 100% high luminous efficiency, LED plasticity is also relatively strong, so now high-end cars are almost equipped with LED lights.

    The advantages of LEDs are obviously the most beautiful and beautiful, with many beautiful designs. But if you want to adapt to led lenses, the first thing to consider is the cost. Many models if the original car comes with the LED light set damage disenfranchised to replace the entire lamp assembly, the price at least in the thousands of yuan or more, tens of thousands of yuan is not surprising. The modified lens is different from replacing the light bulb, has strong technical expertise and equipment requirements, so it is not recommended that the car owners replace it themselves, to avoid unnecessary losses. So if you're not very rich, but want to modify the lights, LED bulbs are a good choice.