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Skoda Superb after successfully upgrading to LED lights

Time: 2019-07-30

    Skoda Superb, as a self-contained brand, is very different from Volkswagen's design philosophy, and the new design style makes it look new and stylish and distinctive. The front face of the car adopts a split-type air grille, the upper middle mesh shape is more chic, with two sides split-type lights, with a high degree of identification.The lower part uses a per-way design that extends the visual effect of the front face. The disadvantage of this car is that the original halogen lamp, lighting effect is very poor.

    Before the upgrade near-light, cut line is very poor, light focus brightness is not good, around the weak light, light range is small, light thickness is thin, completely can not meet the owner's driving needs. Before the upgrade, the effect of the long light from the appearance looks like a stove, but the road surface is not effective, far and near light is not bright enough to pave the way effect is poor, the range is short, very dangerous.

    After the successful upgrade, the lights of the car became much brighter.