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Three points to note when upgrading LED light bulbs

Time: 2019-07-26

    First, compared with traditional halogen bulbs, LED car light bulbs are theoretically longer and more beautiful, but because the normal operating temperature of LED bulbs is below 60 degrees C, and the car headlights in use, or under high temperature, the temperature around the LED lamp will become very high, and the heat dissipation is not very fast, once the temperature exceeds 60 degrees C, LED lights do not appear to be particularly stable and may even burn. "For most LED lights, not all lights are turned on at once. Taking into account the high replacement cost of LED lights, the owner can replace the number of fault lamps if the number of faulty lights has an impact on use, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

    Second, as with the need to change the oil machine filter during regular maintenance, headlight bulbs need to be replaced regularly. Generally every 50,000 kilometers or 2 years or so, the brightness of the headlight bulb will be reduced, at this time it is best to 4S shop to carry out a test, if there is indeed a lack of brightness, then it is recommended to replace the bulb, recommended to replace the left and right sides at the same time, so as to avoid the brightness of the two sides are not the same situation. There is also a situation where the light brightness is reduced to more than 50% due to the influence of the environment leading to the aging of the lamp cover. The lamp cover dirty and aging will also make the light blurred, causing people to create vertigo, therefore, the lamp shade aging also to replace in time.

    Third, if you compare the front face of a car to a "face", the headlights are the "eyes" and the lights are the "eyes" of the car. If you want to reinvent this "eye", start by understanding the most basic regulatory knowledge. Because the modified car must be legal.

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