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To save your money, buy a high-quality LED light bulb

Time: 2018-10-22

Some customers buy LED light bulbs from online shops to replace their original ones. These led bulbs are well priced. However, the customer encountered a problem within a short time after installation. Maybe the bulb burned out, and then the lampshade also broke down. The customer was in a bad mood and never dared to change the headlights. Since then LED bulbs have been a particular nuisance. In fact, most customers cannot replace their headlights by themselves and have to turn to the repair shop for help. If the bulbs burn out in a short period of time, they will be forced to replace the bulbs again, which means they will have to pay double the cost. Although as an online mall seller, there is a good after-sales service that provides several years of warranty service for your customers to replace their bad light bulbs. But for your customers, it's not just the light bulb that they lose, it's the modification money. With that experience, customers switch back to their original halogen lamps. Halogen bulbs aren't very good, but they're safe.

Bulb burns out for two reasons, first, the bulb has no constant current IC and only works for 13.5 vs. But in real operation, the vehicle will provide a surge voltage of 16V or up to 18V, and the bulb will not be able to withstand the high current from the surge voltage. The second is the poor quality of the beads. In the Chinese market, we will encounter many inferior LED chips. If the light bulb has no constant current IC, it can only bear the high current component mass by itself. High quality components are capable of maintaining operation within a range of current. But low-quality beads burn easily.

If we want to solve this problem. Constant current IC driver and high quality LED chip are both necessary. Check out the good Cree chip LED bulbs, which are three times as bright as the inferior bulbs when working steadily. At night, it can also be used with a low beam headlamp. These LED bulbs are designed to be powered by an imported constant current IC and can withstand an 18V voltage.

There are many similar looking bulbs on the market, but in practice they have completely different properties. Not only in the performance of substandard rate, but also in the brightness, good quality LED light bulbs very bright, the quality of poor light. Poor quality LED chips will have a rapid light attenuation after a short period of use, and the eye can not detect it. Good lamp beads are very expensive, such as Cree chips, for example, which is directly sold by Cree China Official, each piece is worth nearly $0.5.So when LED bulbs have more than 10 CREE chips, but less than $5, that must be a fake cleary chip.

So it makes sense that good stuff isn't cheap.