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Use of modification methods for LED daytime running lights in automobiles

Time: 2019-08-05

    The headlights are probably the most widely used parts on the car, headlights, rear tail lights, brake lights, fog lights, steering lights and so on, all kinds of uses, all kinds of. Daytime running lights, as a new type of lights, are also getting more and more attention from owners.

This is what it looked like before the refit.

    1. What is the daytime running lights?

    The daytime running lights is a new type of signal lamp, which is a lamp that makes it easier for a vehicle to be identified when driving during the day, and is installed in the front of the body. That is to say, this lamp is not a lamp, not to enable the driver to see the road, but to let others know that a car is coming, is a signal light category. Vehicles such as cars, trucks and buses have significantly improved their visibility when they are fitted with daytime traffic lights, thus increasing traffic safety, improving road safety and reducing the incidence of traffic accidents.

     Now many brands, such as Audi, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz have a lot of models equipped. In addition, some low-end models are already equipped with this configuration.


    2. What are the benefits of installing a daytime running light?

    General halogen headlight power of about 70W, and the daily lamp only 13.5W of total power consumption, energy saving is to save money, the product's light flux is 70-90LM, color range in 6000K-6700K, than the traditional halogen lamp is brighter, the power consumption is only 20% of halogen headlights. The use of daylights can also improve the safety factor to a certain extent. In the driver's poor line of sight, the vehicle that turns on the sunlight can be found earlier by the other side, thus reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents.


    3.The use and modification of the day-walking lamp. Modify the day-to-day lights, it is best to choose a special car type.

     This not only can be highly compatible with the appearance of the original car, to minimize the modification of the circuit.

    Daytime running lights, unlike ordinary low beam lights, are specifically designed for daytime driving lighting and consume only 15% of the energy of ordinary low beam lights. Daytime running lights using LED technology have further improved energy efficiency, with energy consumption of only 10% of ordinary low beam lights. As soon as the car engine is activated, the daytime running lights are turned on automatically and the brightness is increasing to attract the attention of other motor vehicles, non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians on the road. To improve driving safety, the EU requires all new cars in the EU to install daytime running lights from 2011. For owners whose original cars are not equipped with daylights, their own retrofit of the day-to-day lights will not only make the car look superior, but also effectively improve safety.

This is what it looks like when it's done.