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Various applications of LED headlights

Time: 2018-10-22

An LED is a transistor immersed in a thin film that glows when an electric current is applied. Why are LED lights so energy efficient? The lack of filament also makes leds burn at lower temperatures than incandescent bulbs, which generate more light per watt of electricity. Without generating unnecessary heat, the plastic lens cover on the composite headlamp assembly does not degrade prematurely. 

Led has high impact resistance and high vibration resistance, and is sealed in the moisture-proof enclosure, which is well protected. This allows them to offer services ranging from 10,000 to 50,000 hours by design.

To change the light bulb, open the front bumper cover. Sometimes the entire headlamp assembly is removed. If you have ever performed this task yourself, you will know how troublesome it is. If you've ever paid to go to the store and buy a light bulb, you'll soon realize that if you have an LED bulb, you don't need to change it very often. This will save you time, energy, and money.

If your car is European, be sure to buy LED headlights with decoder resistors. Without these resistors, your car will mistake the low voltage of the led for a burnt bulb.

Additionally, because LED bulbs rarely burn out, your risk of being pulled over and ticketed for a non-working headlight is virtually eliminated.

We don't think you'll ever go back to a regular incandescent light bulb once you've seen the LED headlights glow. Because the light from an LED bulb is so good. Now, not only car headlights have LED bulbs, but other parts of the bulb can also be replaced with LED bulbs. If you're interested in replacing other bulbs in your car with LEDs, we have more options for the LED part. From there, you'll find the replacement LED bulb's turn signal, side light, brake light, and interior light bulb. You'll also find LED light bars, front light loops, daytime running light components, under body light kits, and more!

The power density of modern LEDs makes it possible to use this type of lighting in car headlights. But like any other electronic device, it needs to work at a certain temperature range.

It is well known that ambient air is the most suitable coolant. A fan built into the headlamps can precisely apply this air to heat dissipation or other needs. The latter is also important for LED lights. Depending on environmental conditions, moisture in the air can collect in the unsealed headlight housing. This blurs the reflector and lens. Since the level of waste heat is lower than that of a conventional halogen lamp, if the (waste) air is accurately transported in the casing, the water only evaporates. Therefore, the fan used assumes a mission that is critical to the reliable operation of the headlights as well as the pure cooling function. This requires operating noise to be kept to a minimum. An aerodynamic impeller with a winglet or a wing-shaped profile contributes to further development.

But also pay attention to other things, the operating temperature range of the LED bulb is between about -40 ° C and + 120 ° C. It also needs to adapt to various climates, such as high humidity and high salt content, as well as dust in the air. When driving, you must also pay attention to additional vibration, shock and impact stress as well as electromagnetic effects. The fan needs to be able to withstand these while having the most compact structure. In addition, the materials used also need to be durable.

If the fan is mechanically stable with maintenance-free bearings and is made of antifogging materials, the next problem is the operating parameters.For example, the vehicle's on-board electronic equipment changes the speed to adjust the air flow.It's safer.

The design principle of modern LED headlights requires reliable cooling function.LED lights are required to be firmly installed on the vehicle, ensuring reliable heat dissipation and allowing trouble-free headlights to operate for more than 10 years.Tight integration of optics, electronics and cooling in LED headlights requires all experts to conduct early design consultations to ensure optimum results in terms of economy and lighting efficiency.

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