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What is the Brightest LED Headlight

Time: 2018-10-22

How to find the brightest LED light bulb? To better understand the meaning of brightness, we need to learn two definitions. The two main words to define as we talk about headlight brightness are lumen and lux.

Lumen: A unit of measurement for luminous flux which is a measure of the full total amount of visible light emitted by a source.

Lux: A unit of measurement for illuminance which is a measure of just how much luminous flux is reflected on a particular area.

Remember, lumen amounts are only one piece of the puzzle when determining usable lighting brightness.

This bulb emits less lumen illumination, but the higher lux is inside the headlamp housing. Look at the beam design and you'll know why. This directional bulb produces a more concentrated beam pattern than other imported bulbs and is closer to the shared bulb beam pattern. And this only adds a 610lux will achieve no lumen increase, but reduces 500 lumens per led bulb in light output. This is achieved through a better designed buib, which interacts with the headlamp housing, just like a normal halogen bulb.

When you compare the brightness of the headlamp, be sure to look at the big picture.Especially with LED headlights, make sure you take into account the mode of light that is produced when a directional bulb is placed on the headlights housing.Take a look at not just the advertised number of Iumen - if manufacturers provide lux data, also look at those.Also, look at how the bulb itself is designed and look for bulbs that are closer to the outline and size of the headlamp shade.