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Why do LED bulbs always burn out when they're in a Ford car?

Time: 2019-03-26

    I saw some customers buy 1156 "CREE chip" LED bulbs from the Internet to retrofit their Ford FIEST. But after installation, the light bulb burned out in a short period of time, which made the customer very angry, so that they did not dare to replace their headlights, especially LED bulbs. Most customers don't replace the bulbs themselves, they usually go to the car repair shop for replacement. If the bulbs are burned out in a short period of time, that means they will have to pay double the cost, because for your customers, they are losing more than just the light bulb money, but also the money to modify the light bulb. In short, the customer experience is terrible, so they would rather replace the original halogen lamp. Although halogen bulbs are not very good, they are safe.

    In fact, the first reason for the light bulb burnout is because the bulb does not have a constant current, because when the real work, the vehicle provides an unstable electricity, the bulb can not withstand high current, so it is broken. The second reason is that the chip is fake. If the bulb does not have a constant current IC, it can only withstand the component quality of the high current itself. Excellent parts can keep working at high temperatures. But low-quality beads are easy to burn out.

    Because we want to solve these problems. So we all use constant current IC drives and genuine beads. Look at this bright high-power COB LED bulb. After the work is stable, the pure white fog lamp can reach 720 lumens, the brightness is three times times the original yellow bulb. At night, it can also be used with low beam headlights. These good quality COB LED bulbs are designed with imported constant current IC drivers and can withstand 12-24V voltages.

    Many light bulbs on the market have a similar appearance, but the price varies greatly because their quality also varies greatly. In the case of Cree XBD, the official sales price of each Cree LED chip is nearly 0.5 dollars, so an LED bulb has more than 10 CREE chips, the price must be greater than 5 U.S. dollars, please do not be surprised. Please do not hate our price is expensive, that is because we are using the genuine LED chip.