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Why is the upgraded LED fog lamp penetrating in fog weather?

Time: 2019-04-02

    When the fog day, many people regret to have modified the LED bulb. Because of the modified fog lamp, the penetration force is worse, but is the truth really like this?

    Let's start by saying what penetrating force, we usually say the lamp penetration force refers to the light in the fog days of the road ability, no matter which kind of light in the fog days are all floating clouds, any lights in fog days you can not see the road ahead, because fog day pavement water and a lot of water vapor in the air will be the light two times reflection, Caused the light to diverge. We refer to the yellow light in the fog day penetration is good, refers to the yellow light in fog days more than white light penetrating fog, let you back and forth in the direction of the car, can find you in advance, rather than see the opposite, understand this we can say below, simple point, in fog days, the role of light is to prompt, not lighting.

    The quality of the lamp penetration and the lamp is the LED lamp or halogen lamp has no relationship, there is only a relationship between the color temperature of the light, professional point is K value, LED lights and halogen lamps are just light source.

Some of the light color temperature that we common on a daily basis,

3000K, Yellow light, strong penetrating force.

4300K, White with yellow, original car with xenon lamp.

5000K, Full white light, the old European rule maximum color temperature.

6000K, Full white light, slightly blue.

6500K, Daytime in the Sun.

7000—8000K, It's obviously blue in white.

8000K or more, Blue light, very poor penetrating force.

    The lower the color temperature, the better the penetration force, the worse the penetration force, the color temperature of the halogen lamp about 3500K, and xenon lamp color temperature around 4500K, I believe that most of the said halogen lamp than xenon lamp penetration is better to take this. In fact, the lamp is recommended to use the light bulb color temperature between the 4000-6000K, this color temperature segment is a combination of brightness and penetration of the most suitable car lighting color temperature value. Why do so many owners think LED lights don't penetrate well? In particular, some of the owners after the change of lights, because a lot of businesses outside to change the lights of the car owners, add a high color temperature xenon lamp, and the owner does not understand, it is believed that LED lights penetration than halogen lamps worse. In fact, the most powerful business is also there is no way for you to see the road ahead in the fog day, the best way to fog the sky is to turn on the fog lights, slow, multi-honking the horn.

    The color temperature of the original headlights on the market is basically 4300K, we upgrade the lights, generally need brightness, so do not recommend the color temperature is too low LED bulbs, but the sacrifice of brightness to obtain penetration of the way is also not accessible. To take into account brightness and penetration, 5500K-5700K, the color temperature of this interval is considered to be the most stylish, popular and safest color temperature.

    Safety reminder: Professional modification and upgrading of headlights is in order not to affect the safety of others driving and give their own driving safety, lighting modification and upgrading needs to professional modification stores.