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Why many people choose to replace their car lights with LED bulbs

Time: 2019-07-05

    Headlights are the eyes of the car, and play a decisive role in vehicle aesthetics, as well as a form of safety assurance at night and in bad weather conditions. For car owners in addition to the cost of expenses, or a small operation on the car, so there are a lot of concerns and contradictions about changing the lights, why should the car change the lights? What's the advantage of changing the lamp? Does changing the lights affect the original car?

    According to incomplete statistics, 60% of traffic accidents happen at night, and 22% of traffic accidents are due to the light, so it is very important for a car to have a good pair of lights. Original car halogen lamp, color temperature 4300k, light dark yellow, if long time under the halogen lamp yellowing lighting, human eyes and easy to fatigue, the reaction sensitivity of human eyes to emergency even reduced by 60%.Most of the high quality xenon headlamp brands, mainstream products are produced with about 5500k color temperature, equivalent to the noon sun, according to the road clear, the best for the human eye. Many night traffic accidents are caused by insufficient reaction time. The main reason is that the halogen lamp or xenon lamp of the original car does not illuminate far enough, so the car owner cannot see the road ahead, but it is too late when they see it. After changing the lamp, the irradiation distance will be greatly extended, so that the owners can respond in time, the lamp is an important part of the night driving, related to our driving safety, reasonable modification, upgrading is very beneficial, can greatly enhance the safety of driving, but also can improve the appearance of the car.